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BlogWhy Businesses prefer Symfony2 Framework for web applications and websites

Posted by Nash Ogden | May 18, 2015 | Mobile App Development, Mobile Business Apps, web development

Why Businesses prefer Symfony2 Framework for web applications and websites

Why Businesses prefer Symfony2 Framework for web applications and websites

Symfony framework has been gaining popularity amongst PHP developers the last 5 years as they discover its powerful programming tools, such as advanced testing features, automated functionality tools and many more. It is also an open PHP framework which is used to develop many reliable websites, as well as advanced applications. Its successor, Symfony2, helps our web development team create a structured and robust product which is easy to build, test and debug.

Why enterprises and big businesses love Symfony2?

Big companies are adapting the Symfony2 framework for building their high-end products as it is compatible with existing technologies and can be sustained for longer maintenance times. We are living in a dynamic world where instant changes happen overnight – And the Symphony framework assists in making these changes at ease. Developers can understand and make edits easily without the hassle of going through the entire code. The advantages don’t end there, Symfony helps in extending its features to third party vendors to access libraries and other information needed for the business.

Easy to access and develop

It is an open framework available for all. It also has plenty of tools, which not only helps with simple tasks but also advanced features. The flow of the Symfony framework is extremely streamlined such that when a similar pattern of functionality arises, one can reuse previous codes productively. It is also compatible with most databases such as SQL, Oracle, MySql, etc. Just adapting to the framework puts the developer on the high route to create a stellar product.

Helps to create faster and efficient websites

Symfony2 is 3X times faster than Symphony 1.4 which makes the website loading time faster. It requires much less system memory and gives good end-user functionality. Businesses are using this faster load time to create high performing websites, which stick to current trends and grow sustainably.

It is not only flexible but also expandable

The structured framework helps developers to easily make necessary changes to the code and also add additional functionalities in a jiffy. The codes are arranged in a structured fashion which helps them to segregate and streamline their work process.

Easy Testing and Debugging

If you are a big fan of automated testing feature, then Symfony2 is the right platform which will help you save tons of testing time. It has built in tool which helps in functional, unit and behavioral testing. It helps developers and testers save a lot of time by avoiding abundant manual testing. Similarly, the structured work flow helps developers to easily find the error in their codes ad rectify the issue.

Symphony2 is the most trending platform where most enterprises and high-end ecommerce websites are investing in. The above mentioned reasons are good enough to adapt the power features and tool it offers. Our web development team loves Symfony2 and we are sure you will, too.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

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