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BlogHow to use mobile app exit strategy to your advantage

Posted by Nash Ogden | October 24, 2013 | Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile apps

How to use mobile app exit strategy to your advantage

How to use mobile app exit strategy to your advantage

Mobile app development is indeed a lucrative business. App developers can use their skills to develop apps that generate passive income and also provide custom mobile app development service, which is highly profitable. However, not all mobile app developers are successful in maintaining the apps due to several reasons. It is a bad idea to abandon an app that almost accomplished its purpose of creation. On the other hand, following the right mobile app exit strategy will enhance your image in the app market arena.

Send prior notification to users

If you have decided to abandon your app, the right way to do so is sending prior notification to users. Allow ample time for the users to switch over to a similar application. Abandoning the app or scrapping it down without notice would embarrass the users and also have a negative impact on your app development business.

Provide better alternatives

If you are planning to abandon the app due to bugs, you can develop a new one from the scratch and request the app users to switch over to the new application. Abruptly stopping updates and services will affect the marketability of your other apps and demean your app development business.

Sell it in the market place

Instead of abandoning your app, you can place it for sale in the market place. There are a number of service providers in the internet that offer a platform to sell mobile apps. Selling the app along with its source code, IP, list of customers, statistics, and information on revenue generation is the most lucrative mobile app exit strategy. There are app development firms that can revamp the app and continue to provide the services to users under their banner. Selling your app in the market place will not only earn you good money, but also good reputation.

If you have better ideas on mobile app exit strategy, do share it here for the benefit of the community.

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