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BlogTwitter rolls out new app install and engagement ads

Posted by Nash Ogden | July 8, 2014 | Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development

Twitter rolls out new app install and engagement ads

Twitter rolls out new app install and engagement ads
Facebook has been very successful in wooing mobile app users through its app install ads. In order to stay in pace with its rival, Twitter has announced that it will be offering app install ads and engagement ads that would promote mobile apps in Google Play Store and iTunes. In order to strengthen its moves, the company will be acquiring TapCommerce a Manhattan-based start-up business that has been focusing on mobile app ads. TapCommerce focuses on re-targeted advertising for mobile phones, and it delivers ads relevant to the needs of the mobile users. Twitter has been beta testing the ad product for nearly six months.The new app install ad program would place promoted tweets on top, so that visitors reach the apps’ landing page in iTunes and Google Play Store by clicking on the ads.With mobile apps getting all the attention of the people, Twitter has also plans of rolling out a new pricing model that is a simple variant of the Cost Per Click (CPC). As per the official news from the company, Twitter would charge customers only if the visitors click through the ads to the app stores or download the app from the app store and install it on the mobile devices.One other reliable source from twitter reveals that the re-engagement ad program of the company will focus on prompting the users to use the mobile apps they have already installed on their mobile devices.Mr. Richard Alfonsi, vice-president Twitter, feels that if twitter’s app install ads can make users install apps in their mobile phones, TapCommerce’s re-engagement ads can make the users to open the mobile apps they have already installed in their mobile phones. This is why Twitter has plans to acquire the company. Recently, Twitter’s growth has been slowing down and in order to stabilize it and to keep in pace with the rivals in the market, Twitter is working hard and burning its midnight oil.Our Orange949 Miami mobile application development  team have been keenly observing the moves taken by Twitter to stabilize its growth rate. According to them, this move from Twitter would greatly escalate the image of the company and help it regain its position in the social media network.