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BlogTips to save your mobile app from entering the app graveyard

Posted by Nash Ogden | February 25, 2014 | Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development

Tips to save your mobile app from entering the app graveyard

Tips to save your mobile app from entering the app graveyard

Although mobile apps are a great hit among smart mobile device users, less than five percent of the mobile apps survive to achieve the purpose they are created for. If you are wondering what happens to the rest, yes your guess is right, they rest in peace! It is a well known fact that developing a mobile application is a costly affair. No mobile app is developed to be dormant in the users’ mobile devices. However, a few things like lackluster user interface, indifference to user needs, inability to perform up to the expectations, and draining the resources of mobile devices among others result in dumping of the mobile app.

The first and foremost thing to do is validate the need for the app. Most business owners come up with the idea of developing a mobile due to an impulse without proper analysis of the market. Market survey is very important when it comes to developing a mobile app. Unless users are in need of the product and services; they are likely to abandon the app after the first use. If you want your mobile app to be on the opening screen of the mobile device, developing it in accordance to the needs of the users is the right way to go.

Secondly, the performance of the app matters a lot when it comes to the survival of the app. In spite of all the research, if your app is unable to perform up to the expectations of the users, then it is likely to end up in the app graveyard. In spite of all your promotional efforts and incentives, if your mobile app doesn’t perform well, users always have another choice. Remember this post is about app survival and not about app reigning! There are a lot more things that an app owner has to consider if he/she wishes his/her app to dominate the mobile world. We will discuss on how to make your mobile app inevitable in the forthcoming posts.

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Nash Ogden

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