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Mobile App Developers Tampa | iPhone, Android Application Development

Busy Tampa businesses understand that to stay ahead of the sales curve you must give customers what they want. And what they want is the freedom of accessing your products and services from their mobile device.

Let’s face it. A website that simply reformats to fit on an iPhone, Android or tablet screen is not good enough anymore. Now, Tampa consumers want an easy-to-use mobile app that immediately takes them to what they are looking for. Are you trying to reach the Tampa marketplace with an outdated mobile solution?

Whether you are in need of a customer-facing mobile app or an enterprise solution to improve workflow among your field and sales employees, Orange949 is ready to help. Our experienced mobile app developers, designers, and project managers create leading applications development that improve the user experience, which increases sales and productivity.

Orange949 has thousands of hours developing the best and most engaging UI/UX mobile applications that are currently helping Tampa businesses, agencies, universities and more to:

Mobile App Developers Tampa

  • Improve operational and sales efficiencies
  • Create more secure data environments
  • Reverse customer attrition through mobile rewards and loyalty programs
  • Increase social engagement
  • Leverage location-based advertising for improved sales
  • Boost non-profit success with donor contributions
  • Navigate college campus life such as dining menus and course selection

Steps to Building a TrulySuccessful Mobile App Development

Tampa’s Orange949 development and design team approaches every mobile app project strategically. It’s not enough to simply begin coding. To be truly successful, a comprehensive mobile application plan must be put together with consideration given to not only how the app will function, but also how the UI/UX design will engage the most users in the way they prefer to use it. Our strategists consider all of the following before ever writing one line of code:

Your Vision–Our App consultants Ensure that the idea you have for your mobile application doesn’t get lost in the development process. We ask questions…. lots of questions…, .to get to the root of the problem you are trying to solve with your mobile app idea.

The Blueprint–Next, We put together a storyboard and wireframes so that you can easily see the path that will get us to the final mobile app product.

Your Vision–Our App consultants

Top Notch Mobile User Interface and User Experience Design

Top Notch Mobile User Interface and User Experience Design – Our talented Tampa app developers team incorporates your vision with our experience to arrive at functional yet creative UI/UX designs that exceed your expectations and engage your users with your brand at the highest levels possible.

Cross-Platform Development is Key – While Android has the largest share of the mobile market, Tampa iPhone app users are a dedicated group that must not be forgotten when developing a mobile application solution. Our developers are both iOS and Android users and are emphatic about ensuring that your mobile app function at its best for each operating system.

Programming – At the end of the day, a mobile app is only as good as its code. We employ best practice standards to ensure our coding is clean, such as leveraging GitHub or SVN to conduct regular code checks. This helps to ensure mobile app security as well as the best user experience.

Mobile App Security – As mobile use and user demand for mobile apps continues to grow, some mobile app developers in Tampa are cutting corners, especially when it comes to data security. Orange949 always builds security into every mobile app development plan – to protect both the end user and the business. Our security efforts include high-level device lock down features, malware and virus protection, and employing compliance, risk and privacy policies directly into the mobile app solution.


Usability Tests

Usability Tests – Tampa mobile app users are power users. They expect your app to work on all of their mobile devices – whether iPad, iPhone, Android or other. Simply shrinking a desktop display to fit on a mobile screen is not enough. Orange949’s user testing process ensures that your cross-platform mobile app provides the optimal user experience – and if it doesn’t, we fix it.

Apple Store and Google Play Submission – We have extensive experience publishing our client’s mobile applications to both the App Store and Google Play.* Mobile App Development Tampa Be wary of any developer who understates this publishing process. There are specific steps to take to ensure your mobile app is prepared properly and easily found in the stores.

*Note: We cannot guarantee approval of any app by these stores, however, our engineers follow Apple’s and Google’s strict guidelines and regulations resulting in a higher store acceptance rate.

IPhone, Android,Ipad,IOS Mobile App Developemnt Services– Raising the Mobile App Bar. Every Day!

Mobile App Development Tampa

At Orange949, our Tampa developers, designers and engineers set the standards and lead the way for others in the app development industry. Bottom line: We LEAD, not follow.

Orange949 understands that mobile use is constantly evolving. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technology trends and staying ahead of the curve at all times. That being said, we’re excited to announce that our Tampa developers have been familiarizing themselves with the new iOS 8 and Android “L,” both launching in the fall of 2014 and we’re ready to implement the best practice features into our clients trend-setting apps.

iOS App Development Tampa

iOS 12 updates will include:

Multiple new built-in apps – HealthKit, PhotoKit, CloudKit, HomeKit

The new “Swift,” programming language

Enhanced messaging and notification abilities

And so much more…


Android App Development Tampa

Android “L” includes:

Material Design – a complete design overhaul

Improved Notifications

Rethought Multitasking

And so much more… @ When it comes to cutting-edge mobile app development, our Tampa strategists, designers, developers, engineers and data security experts will turn your ideas into easy-to-use, functional, trend-setting apps that will enhance your brand and increase business revenue. We are ready to start collaborating with you today.

PORTFOLIOCreative Works

Our services include iPhone application development, Android app development, Web design, Web development, Drupal development, Wordpress development, and Magento development. The need to strive for perfection is ingrained in us; thereby, our expert app and web developers deliver you fresh, exciting, and performing designs.

Mighty Assist

Mighty Assist

ASSIST is designed for use by Automotive service professionals with their retail customers. Its two main features are: A Vehicle Inspection Checklist and a Menu of Automotive Services.

Hotel Front Desk

Hotel Front Desk

ASSIST is designed for use by Automotive service professionals with their retail customers. Its two main features are: A Vehicle Inspection Checklist and a Menu of Automotive Services.

Divers Supply

Divers Supply

ASSIST is designed for use by Automotive service professionals with their retail customers. Its two main features are: A Vehicle Inspection Checklist and a Menu of Automotive Services.

Richards Industries

Richards Industries

ASSIST is designed for use by Automotive service professionals with their retail customers. Its two main features are: A Vehicle Inspection Checklist and a Menu of Automotive Services.

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