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Mobile technology has become a way of life for Orlando residents and businesses. Consumers are on their iPhones engaging with social media, sharing pictures, and buying products and services daily. Even employees are now required to be mobile-savvy, working in the field on iPads to keep sales coming in and projects moving forward.

Working with a mobile app team who is experienced in specifically developing iOS apps is crucial. Orange949’s full-service development, design and consulting team ensures that our client’s custom mobile apps are successful from design to programming to testing, implementation and ultimately user engagement.

Our development process begins with creating wireframes and style guides, which lay the groundwork for success. This critical step ensures that your Orlando iOS app will function as planned, while not losing sight of UI/UX design elements and how they will best function on multiple devices with varying screen sizes, such as iPhones and iPads.

Next, before we unleash your iOS app to the Orlando marketplace or your employees, our security testers ensure that it functions at its best, based on a set of best practice standards we’ve developed for our clients that include user privacy testing, business data security testing and reviewing each and every line of code.

iPhone Application Development Orlando

Our Orlando Portfolio of Consumer iOS Development apps help:

  • Integrate social media into the buying experience
  • Engage high volumes of users through effective and brand – consistent, advanced UI/UX designs
  • Drive analytics through location-based marketing and buyer habit tracking
  • Businesses in many and varied vertical markets including, healthcare, government, non-profits, retail, automotive and education/universities.
Our Orlando Portfolio of Consumer iOS apps help

Our Orlando Portfolio of Enterprise-based iPhone apps Development help:

Our Orlando Portfolio of Enterprise-based iOS apps help
  • Automate your sales pipelines
  • Remotely access client data and leads
  • Collaboration between departments through an easy-to-use employee portal (Intranet)
  • Create better work flow systems and performance for field services employees
  • Protect your business and customer assets through the implementation of top-level security features

iOS 8 Will Be Here Soon. Is Your Orlando Business Ready?

Have you heard? The new iOS 8 is being called the most significant change since the launch of the App Store. Orange949 developers, designers and consultants are taking this new operating system very seriously, quickly identifying ways to create even better, more cutting-edge iPhone and iPad mobile apps for both B2C and B2B applications.

Some of the new iOS 8 features being analyzed by Orange949 include, “TouchID,” an improved security feature that our enterprise app developers are seeing potential for proper authentication and security of business data, and “Handoff,” a quick way to improve employee workflow, creating seamless transitions between different devices, such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. Most importantly, iOS8 is creating deeper access and more tools for developers to build state-of-the-art iOS apps.

Smart Orlando-based businesses choose Orange949 as their iOS app developer of record. Contact Orange949 today.

iOS 8 Will Be Here Soon. Is Your Orlando Business Ready?

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