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BlogMobile App Development for Midsize Businesses

Posted by Nash Ogden | September 2, 2014 | Mobile apps

Mobile App Development for Midsize Businesses

Mobile App Development for Midsize Businesses

Mobile App Development and deployment would be a different game altogether for midsized businesses. The intricacies may change right from modifications being made to the software development life cycle for the sake of mobility.

Thanks to the growing interest and recognition of the benefits of enterprise mobility, top executives now have better knowledge and are willing to get to the roots. The development trend has undergone a shift owing to the importance given by organizations to connect with their employees and clients.

Application developers here need to take a new approach versus the conventional process of app development as it will no longer suffice. Gartner conducted a research and has come up with suggestions for app developers. With mobility still not been adopted in its entirety, it is imperative to first start on working towards a perfect UI. A robust UI is the first and direct way to ensure targeted feedback. The UI has to seamlessly switch between screens during the testing and that which allows the user to automatically discover the app completely with total ease.

Midsize businesses cannot afford any setbacks due to poor or weak apps. Hence the focus has to be laid right from the roots i.e., on the entire SDLC to avoid, rectify and build the right effective app. This warrants an agile developmental approach. Owing to the frequent mobile OS advancements and new devices, businesses have to adopt at a rapid pace than ever before. Agile methodologies could bring about a sea change in an organizational approach to business and its culture. Midsize businesses have to understand that in order to sustain, one has to stay competent. To stay competent, embracing technological advancements are a must. Mobility is one such advancement that cannot be missed.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

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