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BlogWhat Makes Android The Best Mobile App Platform

Posted by Nash Ogden | September 8, 2014 | Android App Development

What Makes Android The Best Mobile App Platform

What Makes Android The Best Mobile App Platform
There are reasons why Android enjoys a 53% market share in the US smartphone market in spite of the fact that the programming has to cater 400 different types of handsets available; whereas iOS has to cater to only four types of iPhones and iPads. With 1 million new Android devices activated worldwide everyday and 1.5 billion downloads a month (and growing), it is the most flexible and sought after platform. Let’s take a sneak peek into the pros of an Android application platform offers – Open-source OS modification is made easy as it is an open-source platform. This is the biggest advantage of this platform as it uses Linux OS and the developer can view the source code for understanding and modify if necessary. Android comes with a single application model allowing deployment across a wide range of devices. Modify the entire OS Being open-source, developers can even modify the entire OS, install custom ROMS and make enrichments to the available features such as speed and others. Testing The Android developers are supported with a SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables them to test the application themselves thus cutting the reliance on the testing teams. The developers can test the application on the simulator before loading on the phone and rectify errors. One-to-many Open source not just caters to smartphones but also is flexible enough with other electronic devices that have network compatibility and connect with any Android devices. Hence the avenues for the revenues are more and less risky. App Integration Owing to the openness, there is better interaction between the applications and the OS. Also, since millions of people are familiar with Google based applications such as Google Docs, Maps and Gmail are native and run seamlessly on them. These advantages make Android a compelling choice and no wonder gives iOS a run for the market share. Android is the best way to go app.