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BlogLitmus test for measuring the success of your mobile app

Posted by Nash Ogden | December 9, 2013 | Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile apps

Litmus test for measuring the success of your mobile app

Litmus test for measuring the success of your mobile app

Businesses are interested in mobile apps because mobile apps are real cash cows. It is true that performing mobile apps can boost businesses and generate incredible income. However, not all the apps in the app stores are successful in making their owners rich. App owners are often curious to know how their apps perform. There are several metrics that can be analyzed to measure the success of a mobile application.

If you are charging a onetime fee for the download of your app, then you can easily measure the performance of your app with the revenue generated. However, it isn’t easy, if you are following a freemium model where you offer free download of your application, and you rely on the ads or in-app purchases to generate income at a later stage.

Download is the first and foremost factor that can provide you with a glimpse on the success of your app. Although the number of downloads of your mobile app cannot assure the revenue from it, they can reveal if you have done your home work right. Unless you’ve done app store optimization (ASO) and app promotion outside of app stores properly, it will reflect on the number of app downloads.

Engaging users effectively can ensure the continued use of your mobile application. Details on how many times a user opens your mobile app, the time spent on it, and the conversion rates will give you an idea of the performance of your application. Using push notifications and in-app messages to keep the users informed can boost the usage of your mobile app.

While Google play console interface allows you to download the stats in CSV format, there are other tools, such as app stats that can be used to determine the performance of your android mobile app. As far as iOS apps are concerned, tools, such as AppFigures and App Annie can provide you with accurate stats. It is a good idea to integrate tools, such as Flurry and Localytics that can provide you with details of behavioral patterns of your app users, so that you can upgrade it accordingly for better performance.

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