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BlogGroove with these Top Android Music Apps

Posted by Nash Ogden | August 19, 2014 | Android Musical apps, Blog, iPhone App Development, Mobile apps, Musical Apps

Groove with these Top Android Music Apps

Good music always sells. Apps have exploited this space and music apps are gradually changing the musical experience. Here are top 5 musical apps that are creating a buzz on android among the numerous apps available on the market.

Double Twist: Deep rooted in the iTunes ecosystem, Double Twist is a favorite among android users not just because of its seamless sync between iTunes & Android but for its fine music player attributes. The basic version is free. More features are available as an in-app purchase. Add podcasts, videos, wireless syncing to your iTunes library, sharing music to your Apple TV and other devices.

The high points are the visual appeal, equalizer, quality album artwork, a ‘what next’ list and support for different audio formats and file formats.

Poweramp: This is for serious music lovers. First things first. 15-day free trial (full access). ‘Now Playing’ view, visual appeal with a clean and crisp layout and amazing customizations. Create a music player with settings of your own. There is crossfade, gapless and much more.

Google Play Music: Though it is not just a mere music player, it does find its place on the list. It has what others don’t have. The reasons – huge cloud library for your music. Being a Google product, it integrates with your device including the KitKat lock screen artwork. The ultimate feature is the cloud storage which enables you to carry your music on any android and iOS devices you own.

Shuttle Music Player: This one’s for people who like to keep it simple. It comes with a lightweight look and feel. It features a sleep timer, theme choices, gapless playback and equalizer and is available in free version. The paid version is just $0.99 – the biggest plus point.

Equalizer+: The name pretty much describes the features. Though the app is free to download, you may have to shell out your pocket to experience all the features. It offers a 5-band equalizer with presets, visualizer, bass booster, contextual search displayed on a second screen and much more.

Looking for more interesting music apps? We at Orange949 have created iBand for independent music bands that allows sharing on social media. iBand features – Social, Live Streaming, Live Commenting, Videos, AAC/mp3 audio format, H.264 video format and much more.

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Nash Ogden

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