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BlogGoogle Play Store guidelines in a nut shell for android app developers

Posted by Nash Ogden | October 7, 2013 | Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile apps

Google Play Store guidelines in a nut shell for android app developers

Google Play Store guidelines in a nut shell for android app developers

Google updated its Google Play Store developer program policies during the last week of August. It seems Google will strictly adhere to new improvements on policies, especially those concerned with app ads. If you are involved in android application development, it is wise to follow the guidelines. According to the developer program policies of the Google, apps that do not meet the new guidelines will likely be removed from the app store.

The improvements in the developer program policies include ads behavior, hate speech, gambling, in-app payments, ratings, and impersonation. The following is the list of do’s and don’ts to retain your apps in the app store.


• Personal data collection should be done only with the users’ consent
• Send notifications through integral features and avoid system level notifications
• Use Google Play’s payment system while charging for app downloads
• Use Google Play’s in-app billing services for in-app purchases and subscriptions (exceptions include physical goods and services and goods consumed outside of the apps)


• Avoid sexually explicit material in your app ads
• Violence and bullying is viewed seriously by Google
• Hate Speech is an abomination in the Google Play store
• Google shows no tolerance for impersonation and deceptive behavior
• Do not disclose personal and confidential information for public view
• Infringement on intellectual property will result in removal of your app from the app store
• Stay away from illegal activities
• Gambling is strictly prohibited at Google Play store
• Harmful contents that affect any infrastructure are not allowed in the app store
• Don’t update your app’s APK binary code outside Google Play’s update mechanism
• Avoid links to third party advertisements in your apps
• Don’t post repetitive or irrelevant content and also avoid keyword stuffing
• Do not manipulate product ratings or reviews by fraudulent means
• Submission of apps intended for affiliate traffic is prohibited

Ad Policy

The ad policy of Google Play Store aims at providing best user experience. Regularly checking for updates will ensure your adherence to the policies. Ads should comply with Google’s Developer Distribution Agreement and Developer Program Policies. Adhering to guidelines regarding ad context, ad walls, interstitial ads, and third party ads will ensure retention of your app at the Google Play store.

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