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BlogGist of iOS 8 enhancements in the developer’s perspective

Posted by Nash Ogden | June 12, 2014 | iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile apps

Gist of iOS 8 enhancements in the developer’s perspective

Gist of iOS 8 enhancements in the developer’s perspective
Had you missed the WWDC live stream, here’s some of the important news for you. Apple unveiled iOS 8 at the developers meet. Although it was a beta version which is now only in the hands of iOS mobile app developers, the most expected iOS version is likely to be officially launched in the fall of 2014. According to mobile app developers, Apple has enhanced the iOS 7 with new features and christened it as iOS 8. It means there’s no dramatic redesign, but mere enhancements to the previous version of the operating system. According to experts iOS 8 will feature a tighter Mac integration with lesser restrictions on Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Although there are a few other exciting features for the users, as mobile app developers, we focus on the new software kits that would surely escalate the security and healthcare features.The health feature of new iOS version seems to collect information from various health applications and displays them on a single dashboard. Had you been using their passbook app, then you would find much similarity in the new health feature of the iOS 8. The operating system’s Home kit is expected to function as a common protocol for controlling external devices in the home. Extensibility feature of the iOS 8 will allow apps to share their functionalities with other apps. Family sharing is a new feature that would allow up to six members of the family to share any purchases made on iTunes.The newest version of the iOS operating system also has an enhanced photo sharing feature that empowers users to share photos across various devices. It also comes with a new cloud-based storage facility. iMessage has been made more flexible to meet the heavy competition in the messaging arena. Notifications have now been provided with interactive features so that users can respond to messages directly from the banner.The QuickType feature in the iOS 8 has been improved with predictive text that quickly learns the writing style of the user and suggests apt words as the user starts typing. It is indeed a great boon to users that find it difficult to type on the small screens of iDevices. iCloud is yet another feature that is expected to be a great hit among the users. Spotlight is a new search tool that also takes location and context into consideration during searches. As far as iOS app developers are concerned, the SDK has been greatly enhanced.Our Orange949′s iPhone app developers Orlando are world renowned app developers. They have been experimenting with the beta version of the new iOS 8 operating system eagerly. If you wish to be one of the pioneers in releasing iOS 8 mobile apps, contact our mobile app developers now.