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BlogGenerate revenue by Ad Mob ads

Posted by Nash Ogden | July 27, 2012 | Blog, Mobile App Development, Mobile apps

Generate revenue by Ad Mob ads

Are you a smart phone developer or do you own a mobile site? If the answer is yes, then this article is meant for you. Where you can generate good revenue from the free applications and mobile sites.

Now-a-days smart-phone usage has become common, which supports the mobile internet and mobile applications. Usually very one starts browsing by google, which as become meaning for search. At any point the users may navigate to your site, having such a site is not a big deal, but for hosting a site we need to pay. Having a site, which doesn’t generate revenue, is useless.

That is where Admob comes into play.

Admob helps you earn something when a user visit your site and click upon a ad link. But for that you first need to register with Admob as an advertisement publisher. The good thing of Admob is that even while you register as a publisher afterwards you can publish your own ads on other sites from the money which you have earned with the help of Admob. Before that lets know about Admob.

Admob is an advertising network that enables Apps and mobile friendly web sites owners to display ads and get revenues per click similar to Google Adsense system. At present, it is the largest advertising platform used on mobiles and google own it. It shares the revenue similar to ad sense.

As per latest information google’s AdMob owned 24.8 percent of the U.S. mobile ad market last year, Apple’s iAd was actually in second place with 18 percent share. This shows how fast admob as grown in the ads marketing.

AdMob service can be used on multiple mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Web OS, Windows Phone 7 etc. It is so easy to integrate in the mobile applications.

So, now you know what Admob is, and now let’s get to know how to become an Admob publisher.
Initially you need to register with Admob at and after that to serve ads on your mobile site or app, log in to you admob account. Then click on the “ sites & tabs “. Then you will find an option “ add your site/ app”. After that select the “site or app type (android, ios etc)”. Then fill out the information form, which is relevant to your application or site.

After that click on “continue”. You will be taken to a page that allows you to download site code or the appropriate native app SDK.

You will be able to find other option like “ad network mediation “ under same “Sites & Apps” that allows you to manage the settings like ad size, ad refresh rate.

Note: The Mediation ID that has been generated needed to enter into your SDK when you request ads for your mobile application .

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