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BlogExpressionEngine Content Management System

Posted by Nash Ogden | November 1, 2012 | Blog, Content Management System

ExpressionEngine Content Management System

ExpressionEngine is a flexible content management system. ExpressionEngine is developed by EllisLab. The Latest version is 2.5.3. ExpressionEngine is intended to be simpler to use than other content management systems. ExpressionEngine requires no knowledge of PHP, and has extensive online documentation. ExpressionEngine licenses are available in three variations:

i) a “Non-Commercial” version for personal and non-profit use.
ii) a “Commercial” version, and the cheapest option.
iii) a “Freelancer” license intended for small Web firms to be able to run their own sites.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but no longer offers a free trial or an online demo for prospective customers.

Expressionengine is an interesting midground. Expression engine has strong public and private management. The content management interface is excellent and evolving fast. Expressionengine allows you control the presentation of the input screens more than any other CMS. Expressionengine is highly appealing to designers who are very controlling of their HTML/CSS and want line by line control. For this reason there are not many pre-designed templates for Expression engine. Expressionengine do use off the shelf add-ons to achieve advanced functionality. Expression engine provides excellent product support available in knowledge base and community-driven mechanism like Expression engine Wiki and Forums.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of Expressionengine CMS:
1. Multiple Editors :
ExpressionEngine is easy to share the responsibility of managing your sites. It provides full permission based access. To handled multiple editing in Expressionengine at the same time.

Expressionengine is a build robust platform. So it runs websites of any shape or size. It can even manage multiple websites from single control panel, it easier for mange the all-digital content.

3.A sophisticated control panel:
ExpressionEngine has such a neat and clean professional interface. So, everything can be achieved in just a few simple steps.

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Nash Ogden

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