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BlogCut App Development Costs With The Right Questions and Planning

Posted by Nash Ogden | February 26, 2015 | web development

Cut App Development Costs With The Right Questions and Planning

Cut App Development Costs With The Right Questions and Planning

The cost of mobile app development can be daunting and cause a lot of stress. Yet, with proper planning and asking the right questions before you start any development can project can cut costs, save time and get you to market quicker.

So, before you begin your app development journey, here are a few questions to ask.

Check for the uniqueness of your app idea and do competitor research

Before venturing into the next steps of device/platform selection, first check the app stores to see if similar apps already exist. If not, great! If yes, then this is your competitor. Make a thorough analysis of what the app has, look at the reviews and note any features that are better/worse.

Identify a key feature that you may not find in those apps and add them to your app. A small enhancement or feature could add great value to your app and could possibly become your USP. But uniqueness doesn’t define your USP. You have to be different and dare to do something more than what others haven’t attempted or failed at.

Competitor research avoids the major cost of re-development.

Which platform?

Decide if you want your app to be on one platform or have a multi-platform release. Here are a few pointers on each platform:

Androids’ got an exhaustive list of devices to deal with and hence the platform is definitely crowded.

iOS is considered to be a easier platform to develop on than the android, yet comes with fewer device selections. Also, note that iPhone users are more willing to pay for apps if found absolutely useful and exciting.

Windows is slowly catching up with Andriod and iOS. It shouldn’t be underestimated.

Mind the device type

Device fragmentation has been a major challenge for the app industry. Note that consumers prefer Android phones more for accessing sites whereas iPhone and iPad users tend to spend more.

The core features of your app

Decide on the core functionalities of the app. Prioritize the features that are going to be permanent ones on your app. Create a log that lists all the currently planned features and those that can be enhanced and extended later. Fixing a schedule will help drive the momentum of the app development phase.

Assign the right person on job

Assigning exclusive personnel on the job is critical for the accuracy and execution of the project. Remember to have one decision maker to avoid any confusion. Make sure you explain the objective of the app and the requirements effectively and well in advance. If you are on a budget, don’t miss communicating it to the leader and your team so they can choose the modules/features accordingly.

Money making

Here comes the best part of it. App monetization techniques have to be well thought out, even while at the development phase. This is where you could recover your costs, hence plan accordingly. The freemium model is undoubtedly the best introductory model that can be further charged on mass user acceptance.

Got more questions on app development or need your app idea developed? Feel free to contact our team today.


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