Client’s Profile

Wallaroo Hat Company Client Profile

Wallaroo Hats is an Australia-based fashion brand exclusively focusing on hats. The brand, since 1999, has been in the scene as one of the sought after brand for fashionistas in Australia, USA and other European countries.

Wallaroo Hats is known for its products which are purpose-driven and up to date in fashion. The fashion brand focuses on a social cause of spreading awareness about skin cancer prevention.

Client’s Problem

Though the brand has a significant fan base in the eCommerce domain, a lion’s share of their business happens with wholesale buyers whom they meet through offline sales efforts like expos and tradeshows. So, they wanted to create an app with more of B2B DNA that helps in connecting with wholesalers better.

The app’s purposes were to:

  • Attractively showcase their portfolio to wholesale clients.
  • Manage sales team better.
  • Provide accessibility to products for sales executives irrespective of internet availability.
  • Create a simple ordering experience for wholesalers.
  • Maintain a record of expos and conferences participated for future analysis.
  • Deliver products on-time for orders won via expo and conference participation.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

Reimagining Customer Experience:

With wholesale audience in mind, we created an iOS app with B2B eCommerce design philosophy. The UI and UX were fabricated in such a way that it resonates with the wholesale crowd.

The app accommodates all the products in Wallaroo’s ever-expanding portfolio. As B2B customers expect detailed information, provisions for showcasing even a minutest of details of products were created.

For a zippy product finding experience, category-based search and predictive text input search bars were developed. The search was complemented with advanced search criteria like gender, age group, colors and patterns which narrows down the search effort of users.

Offline Order Placement:

The offline connectivity feature solved the problem of enabling sales executives to showcase products with or without internet connectivity. Whenever a salesperson is online, the app syncs all the updates made in the portfolio so that they are available in local devices (iPads) even in offline mode.

Adding to this, the app was facilitated with offline order placement feature which ensures that no orders are missed. Once the device connects to the internet, orders placed offline will be updated to the server. This helped salesperson put up at expos place order no matter what the status of internet connectivity is.

Salespersons can create new users in a flash to place orders. Once an account is created, the entire portfolio of Wallaroo Hats will be updated providing the user full access to the products.

Monitoring Sales Force

Salespersons were given exclusive PIN numbers to login which indicates her/his location, orders won and follow-ups. This feature proved effective in tracking individual performance and eventually team-wise, and month-wise performances.

Event-based Order Recording:

Every conference or expo a salesperson attends is given an exclusive PIN number which makes it easy for managers to keep track of orders placed in every event. These records help administrators to find out expos that are most profiting.

Impact On Client’s Business

  • The product showcasing effort got easy which helped salespersons to focus other key areas like sales pitch. The iPad app showcased images with retina eye display helping the brand to flaunt an assortment of hats in the highest quality possible.
  • Product search time was reduced by half owing to vast search options and UI that help sales persons to maneuver through products in clicks and swipes. Retrieving products based on specific inputs given by customers was simplified through advanced filters.
  • The iPad app developed for Wallaroo Hats helped the client showcase new arrivals and next-in-line products to keep customers interested.
  • Tracking individual sales performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis was made possible. The brand was able to track sales records based on expos and be proactive in delivering products on time.
Impact On Client’s Business

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