Client’s Profile

Mighty Auto Client Profile

Mighty Auto Parts is a USA-based automobile parts dealer with 100+ local distributors and 12,000 partnering repair facilities across the globe. Procuring top-of-the-line automobile parts from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Mighty Auto Parts helps in connecting manufacturers to professional technicians globally.

Client’s Problem

  • With regular customer demands that are ever-increasing, the company was struggling to cater to every requirement as their manual processes were time-consuming.
  • Identifying existing customers was an uphill task for Field Service engineers.
  • Return customers had to explain their vehicle’s repair history every time they chip in for service.
  • Field agents had to write manual bills and update information manually.
  • Paperwork completion was an additional time-consuming task for technicians which takes away their valuable time.
  • The need for entering all details through a form into the database and managing them in a centralized place was on a high.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

Visual Solution for Organizing Chaos:

Innopl’s iOS app development team created an app for service engineers to digitally store customer information and retrieve records easily.

Having the necessity to store every single car automotive details of vehicles, the app was given enough provisions for the same.

Once technicians are done with updating entire details of a car, the condition of each part is analyzed and updated. To make this part easier, technicians are provided with a 3D image of car parts so that they can tap the part and enter their feedback.

Scanners To Detect Customers:

To provide a solution for identifying an already serviced car, scanners were chosen for rescue. A scanner does the job of scanning a barcode in a vehicle which reveals the unique VIN number allocated to it which returns the entire service history information associated with the car.

Automating Bill Generation:

The best way to simplify a process is to automate it. We did the same with billing part. Service engineers need not work on billing instead all they have to do is feed the servicing details done and the app generates the bill.

For instance, if a spare part has been changed, the service engineer will have to update the name of it and the app does the calculation. While billing a new customer, technicians can create a new user account using the app.

Synchronizing Services And Accounts:

Bills generated through the app are integrated to the accounts department which takes care of procurements. The transparency helps accounts department to take proactive purchase decisions.

Impact On Client’s Business

  • With the app in place, manual efforts and time taken to learn about every vehicle’s case history was reduced drastically. Signing up and billing new customers were done on the spot ditching manual entries. Eventually, the overall time involved in diagnosing a vehicle to billing was reduced twofold.
  • The company was able to allocate more customers per service engineer resulting in cost effective resource management and hiccup free customer handling.
  • By centralizing information of customers, services details, vehicles, and billings, the company was able to create a safe repository from which any information can be retrieved easily for future use.
  • As the data entered by service engineers was integrated to accounts department, it helped the company prepare proactively for procurements.
Impact On Client’s Business

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