Client’s Profile

ACT (Auto Claim Technology) is an automobile cosmetic expert and one of the most sought after company for repairing dents and damages. Established in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, ACT has over 30 years of experience in caring for cars in terms of paintless dent repair/removal, paint overspray removal and hail damage repair.

The company proudly boasts of thousands of customers across the USA and has serviced over 2000,000+ vehicles.

Client’s Problem

  • Though the client was holding a huge customer base, the time taken in the conventional documentation process consumed more time.
  • The client was looking out for a mobile solution that could help automate or simplify the manual effort and thereby reduce errors as well.
  • The daily report log containing details on jobs to be done, along with client contact information needed to be saved properly in order to use it to assign tasks for the workforce.
  • Paperwork has to be filled out by every technician taking charge of vehicle repair to note down the problems to be fixed.
  • Technicians will have to update the handwritten information into an Excel sheet after they return to office after getting the work done to create an invoice. The fact forms were also needed to be filled by technicians which resulted in more human errors.
  • All these data were used for just record keeping. There was no idea to consolidate them and learn crucial metrics that could help them better their service or improvise on areas they lack.

How We Solved The Client’s Problem

As consultants, we proposed the company to have an iPad app built to automate and simplify the whole manual process. We started off with creating a backend for the company. The backend had to be built from the scratch and we planned to build an app for it which will be used by the technicians.

The mobile app was designed keeping in mind the daily tasks and entries made by technicians manually at customer’s place.

Based on the designation of a technician, the iPad app was given roles like field technicians, managers and admin. While enrolling to use the app, each technician will have to enter a unique PIN number given to them. This will provide the technician a secure access and forms to fill up.

Each technician can now record the details directly into the app without paperwork. Technicians could also scan VIN barcode numbers, which provides a unique identifier for each vehicle. Moreover, the manual entry of these details into excel sheets was made no more necessary as the app directly syncs the information to a central backend.

Manual error where another misery which had to be resolved. This part was tackled by creating syntax for each field in a form. A wrong usage of characters or entries would throw an alert message and technicians will be able to move to successive fields only upon proper entry of the current one.

Additionally, technicians were now able to capture images of dents and repairs they had to fix which helped in quality check, invoicing and avoiding over usage of resources.

The data fed by technicians will be gathered in a central repository which helped in quick invoicing without having to manually enter data again.

Impact On Client’s Business

  • The invoicing speed was improved significantly. The manual recording and manual entries in Excel sheets were replaced by the app which helped in generating invoices by the day’s end.
  • The syntax idea ensured that technicians enter error-free data and all the necessary information are filled up.
  • The team was provided with training to simplify operations using the app.
  • Intelligence from the centrally recorded service history on performance and resource allocation helped in improving the business.
  • All data is available in a centralized location, enabling analysis and business intelligence efforts.
Impact On Client’s Business

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