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BlogApple’s new wearable device can’t be a smartwatch

Posted by Nash Ogden | June 27, 2014 | Android Wearables, Smartwatch, Wearable gadgets

Apple’s new wearable device can’t be a smartwatch

Apple’s new wearable device can’t be a smartwatch
With the release of Android Wear the craze on smartwatches has rocked the mobile world. Although Android Police reported a major bug that put Android Wear device users in distress, the love for LG G Watch or the Samsung Live Gear doesn’t seem to decrease. While Google has been moving in leaps and bounds in the wearables arena, Apple has been very silent about its wearables. Although rumors about the Apple’s iWatch have been creating a great flutter in the mobile world, Apple continues to maintain its silence.There’s a shocking revelation that Apple’s iWatch may never become a reality. Jan Dawson, chief analyst of the popular research firm Jackdaw Research, says that Apple is certainly interested in several other wearable devices other than smartwatch. According to Jan Dawson, not only is the smartwatch not delivering on the promise, but the very promise itself is flawed.All of the smartwatches currently in the market attempt to replicate the functions of the smartphone. This indeed requires a display, CPU, and battery to be squeezed within the device. However, Apple’s approach would be very different from others in the field. For instance, Apple is likely to produce wearable devices that would function as an extended sensor for the iPhones and iPads. One other reason cited by the researcher is that the much hyped smartwatch isn’t very compelling for a majority of the mobile users.One other view of the researcher is that avoiding display screens and CPU in the wearable device can enable Apple to produce slimmer and sleeker wearable devices. Apple already has installed M7 processor in iPhone 5S to utilize health kit sources of iOS8. Thus Apple is probably planning wearable devices that are very different from Android Wear devices. Our Orange949′s Miami mobile app developers will keep you informed of the latest developments via this blog. Visit the blog frequently and be informed.