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BlogApp developers should be vigilant on consumer trends

Posted by Nash Ogden | March 17, 2014 | Android App Development, Android Wearables, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development

App developers should be vigilant on consumer trends

App developers should be vigilant on consumer trends

Both mobile technologies and consumer trends have been constantly changing right from the debut of smart mobile devices. Mobile app developers should not only update themselves with the newest technologies, but also familiarize themselves with the changing consumer trends. Earlier, people patronized pay to play mobile apps in both iTunes and Google Play; however, today, even the elite consumers prefer free mobile apps over the paid ones. Ads were then considered as a hindrance to the users. Many of the mobile app consultants even recommended that app owners to ads and follow other monetization techniques for revenue generation. Today, it is different scenario. Users no longer object to advertisements in the mobile app, but they have accepted it as an integral part of the mobile app culture.

Flurry analytics has revealed shocking stats of how people spend on mobile applications. According to the research, the trend of consumers has changed greatly in 2013. More and more consumers are opting for free apps and they do not mind the ads. With more than 90% of iOS applications available for free download, the paid apps are taking the backseat. Android users, on the other hand, are less willing to spend on apps. According to the report from flurry analytics, only iPad applications generated the highest revenue in the pay to play arena.

With most mobile device users unwilling to spend on mobile apps, developers and app owners need to develop a strategy to generate income from their mobile applications. It is true that people that wish to unlock additional features are willing to pay, however the numbers are dwindling by the day. According to experts in the field, it seems in-app ads will play a major role in revenue generation.

After all, adapting to the changes is the right way to succeed in business. Mobile, iPhone app developers should discover strategies that would make the business lucrative. If you have any ideas on how to adapt to the changing mobile culture without negative impacts on the revenue do share it with the community.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

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