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BlogIn-app adds: How to think from a user’s perspective

Posted by Nash Ogden | December 9, 2013 | Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development

In-app adds: How to think from a user’s perspective

In-app adds: How to think from a user’s perspective

Whether it be TV, radio, or the internet, users often get annoyed by the interrupting ads that are displayed when they are seriously interested in the programs. Worst of all is the mobile ads that interrupt them, while they are involved into something very serious. According to a reliable survey, more than seventy percent of the mobile app

users say that the interruptive ads annoy them. However, the freemium model of mobile apps are the ones that have the ability to generate the highest income in the contemporary mobile app world, and unfortunately ads are the major source of income in the freemium model. Forced ad is one of the best ways to generate a good income from the mobile apps that use freemium model of monetization.

If the users aren’t for in-app ads, and if displaying ads is one of the best ways to generate income from the mobile application, then the right way to go is to think like the user. Thinking from the users’ perspective can offer the better solutions to impress them as well as generate income from the mobile apps. Identifying natural breaks in the mobile apps will enable you to introduce commercial ads without annoying the users.

For instance, a popular real estate mobile app in the US, displays relevant ads at the right moment, when the users are looking out for rental spaces or planning to buy apartments in a specific area. The app uses Google maps to locate the specific area and then displays ads from realtors and brokers in such a way that the app users click the ad to find out more about the services they offer related to real estate services. While this is one example of wisely using in-app advertisements, some of the mobile gaming apps are pioneers in utilizing in-app ads to generate incredible come. The success of using in-app ads lies in the discovery of natural breaks and in thinking in the way that users of app the app do.

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