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BlogAndroid 0 Rolled Out. Is It Truly A Developer’s Delight?

Posted by Ramanathan | August 24, 2017 | Latest News

Android 0 Rolled Out. Is It Truly A Developer’s Delight?

Android 0 Rolled Out. Is It Truly A Developer’s Delight?

Google has rolled Android O and the tech scene is all abuzz about it. The new release is accompanied by developer tools to help Android app development companies come up with better performing apps that can even get placed in even entry-level Android handsets apart from flagship models.

Though Google has been proactive in helping mobile app developers get hands on experience on Android O even before Google I/O 2017, they would be all ears for a compilation of the new rollouts.

Here is what Android app development companies can play with very soon.

PIP Mode

PIP mode, which was so far reserved only to Android TV, has now been introduced to mobile handsets as well. Developers will now be able to minimize an app that’s currently running into a separate, small window and help users to return back to any previous app or open a new app simultaneously.

For instance, you can watch a video, shrink it and take down notes in Google Keep.

Background Limits

Android apps have so far had the freedom of using resources in the background contributing towards poor system performance and energy. Except a few like Pixel or Pixel XL, Android handsets have repeatedly lost the battle with Apple in terms of being power efficient.

Android O addresses this part with the background limit feature. Background Limit will stop any application from performing actions in the background, thus saving power by a significant margin.

Users do not have to install separate apps to save power. It’ll soon be a default advantage.

Notification Dots Badges

Providing notification badges and icons which were the choices of Android app developers previously, have now become a default part with Android O. Mobile app development companies can now develop apps that throw a simple red dot over the app’s icon whenever a notification appears.However, it is connected to the cloud which means that once you check the notification in the browser version of the app or any other device, it goes off.

And here is something for the end-users as well..

How And When Will I Get The Android O Updates?

Android Oreo will reach devices in a phased manner. Android Beta Program users will be the first lot immediately eligible to get an Android O update, followed by Google Pixel and Pixel XL users.

In A Nutshell:

Android O is bolted with features that can help Android developers to build more power efficient, super performing and lightweight apps. The new and updated developer tools are sure to make Android app development more performance centric.

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Nash Ogden

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