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BlogAdvantages of using enterprise level mobile apps in the health care industry

Posted by Nash Ogden | February 25, 2014 | Healthcare Mobile Apps, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile apps

Advantages of using enterprise level mobile apps in the health care industry

Although many industries have already begun to utilize the technology available for today, the healthcare field has lagged behind in many ways. Aside from the occasional computer on wheels, most patient care is administered and recorded with a standard paper and pen. Healthcare app developers, have the ability to bring this field up to speed with some fantastic and easy to use enterprise apps that will also offer doctors and other medical providers a number of advantages.


Many mobile app developers in Atlanta and other regions have created platforms that help doctors increase their speed. Since they are able to access electronic patient records and take notes more efficiently through the application, the time spent with the patient is of higher quality. Doctors will spend less time taking notes, and more time interacting directly with those in their care. This will enhance the patient experience while also allowing doctors to see more patients, increasing their work capacity. In fact, one study even found a 35 percent increase in the productivity of staff and clinicians who used mobile apps.

Easier Accessibility

Healthcare mobility solutions also allow doctors to access the information they need, when they need it. There are times, such as during surgery or when an emergency arises, that doctors and nurses need to access the patient information and large amounts of data quickly. Apps that supplied electronic medical records would all the doctors and nurses to access the patient’s entire history immediately, without having to flip through files.

Doctors would also be able to review patient files when out of the office, allowing them to compile notes and prepare for their caseload the next day. Similarly, doctors would be able to compare notes about a case remotely, which can improve the standard of care received. Of course, mobile app developers in Miami and other areas would have to develop apps that are extremely secure to ensure that confidential patient information is protected and that HIPPA laws are applied. The HL7 standards, specifically, have been developed to help protect confidential patient information when using electronic devices and would have to be taken into consideration by developers.

Similarly, doctors will be able to use remote patient monitoring, which can help them watch for symptoms and determine problems without needing to be physically present. These types of systems are expected to reduce healthcare costs by up to $200 billion over the next 25 years.

Mobile enterprise applications hold a considerable amount of promise in the healthcare field because of their potential to help doctors improve in efficiency. They offer incredible advantage to those willing to pioneer usage of these applications in their healthcare facilities because of their capacities to improve the doctor and patient experience. App developers should remember the potential this field offers those interested in creating mobile applications.

Healthcare enterprise apps have the capacity to improve patient care and help doctors work efficiently, here are just some of the advantages they offer.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

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