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We know that personal use of iPhone apps is growing every day. Tampa mobile consumers are using their iPhones for everything from buying products, to social networking and even file sharing. But, have you thought of how mobile app development can improve your business’ operational efficiencies through enterprise solutions?

Our full-service approach for iOS app development creates successful solutions both for the consumer and enterprise market.

The experienced iOS app development team at Orange949 has thousands of hours logged creating, developing, launching and security testing iOS apps for our clients in the greater Tampa area. Our cutting edge iPhone and iPad apps are leading the way in the mobile app market.

More than just ordinary app programmers, Orange949 is a full-service team in Tampa of developers, engineers, designers and consultants led by a project manager whose job it is to keep the project moving forward, addressing all aspects of the app development project. Whether you’re seeking a retail iPhone app to improve the mobile buying experience or an enterprise iPad app to improve workflow efficiencies with your field personnel, Orange949’s app development process is proven to succeed.

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Our System for Success :

  • Step 1 – Wireframes – A detailed outline is created, much like a blueprint or road map, schematically showing how the app will function and flow through out the various app screens.
  • Step 2 – Style Guides – Much the way wireframes achieve maximum app functionality, style guides create a similar blueprint for the iPhone/iPad design template. Our style guide process establishes consistent design elements such as color palette, fonts, graphics and other visual elements all in an effort to create the best of the best user experience
  • Step 3 – Top UI/UX Designs – Following the creation of wireframes and blueprints, our design team begins the important step of developing a highly engaging, comprehensive UI/UX design. This means ensuring the app design layout is intuitive for the end user, regardless if they are on a smaller iPhone screen or larger iPad display. Additionally, our iOS app designers ensure brand consistency with your other branded marketing mediums such as website and social media.
  • Step 4 – Programming and Security Testing – Leveraging our extensive Tampa portfolio of best practices, we check and double-check all of the customized programming language for your app to ensure the code is clean and data security measures are in place. We then put the app through its paces, on both iPhones and iPads, to ensure maximum functionality and highest user engagement expectations.
  • Apple Store Marketing – Once your consumer-facing app has passed the extensive testing phase, now it’s time to let the world know. This is done by getting the app accepted into the Apple Store. But we don’t stop there. We can help you develop a marketing plan to ensure consumers, bloggers and the press are excited to get their hands on your app.

We build consumer-based iOS apps that:

  • Improve retail sales through location-based marketing and buyer habit tracking.
  • Unite popular social media interactions with the buying experience.
  • Lead the UI/UX design industry with higher user engagement .

We build enterprise-based iOS apps that:

  • Securely protect your business and end-user data.
  • Provide on-to-go access for remote employees in the field.
  • Safely and efficiently integrate with your third party software systems.
  • Work seamlessly with sales management tools, such as Salesforce.

Are you ready for iOS 8? We are!

Orange949’s professional Tampa team of developers, designers and engineers have been busy researching, testing and understanding the many new features of iOS 8. We are ready to help our clients leverage the newest tools so they are at the forefront of mobile technology. These tools include:

  • Unique user experiences based on different user interactions.
  • Improved Messaging and Notification features.
  • Swype and Quick Type Keyboard Technologies
  • Improvements to Siri, which has potential music sharing app benefits
  • TouchID, another level of security that Orange949 developers will use to ensure enterprise apps are properly authenticated so that your corporate data is not compromised.
  • Handoff, a device continuity solution that will help improve employee workflow by allowing seamless transitions between mobile and desktop devices – perfect for enterprise solutions.
  • HealthKit, a one-stop shop for users interested in health related needs and activities.
  • Home Automation, connecting common home functionalities such as lights, door locks and more.
  • Swift, a new programming language that provides for cleaner syntax, fewer coding bugs, and greater algorithm flexibility.

iOS 8 is being called the biggest release for iPhone and iPad app developers since the introduction of the App Store. Tampa-based businesses must choose an iOS app developer who is ahead of the curve. Contact Orange949 today.

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